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Fundraise children around the world!

Hello everyone!2021 CYVAC has decided to host a fundraiser in support of Education programs through UNICEF Canada. What is CYVAC? Please visit: $21 can provide school supplies like pencils & booksMore...

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Fundraise children around the world!

Hello everyone!

2021 CYVAC has decided to host a fundraiser in support of Education programs through UNICEF Canada.

What is CYVAC? Please visit:

$21 can provide school supplies like pencils & books for 35 children
$58 can provide backpacks for 11 children
$75 can send one child to school
$278 can provide a School-in-a-Box, to provide education for 40 children

As of March, schools for more than 168 million children had been completely closed for almost a year, and at least 1 in 3 schoolchildren has been unable to access remote learning while their schools were closed. This means that children are missing out on their right to education – one of the most powerful tools for breaking the cycle of poverty; supporting growth, development and well-being; and closing the gap in social inequality. This is why UNICEF is continuing to work around the clock to prioritize children’s access to education around the world. To build a world in which every child learns, UNICEF will increasingly promote equity and inclusion. This includes making targeted efforts for children who are excluded on the basis of gender, disability, poverty, ethnicity and language, as well as those who are displaced or affected by emergencies.

Working in 190 countries and territories, Unicef has the reach to make large-scale impact. Your help would make an impact to support children’s education during and after the pandemic, helping them to continue to learn, thrive and build a brighter future.
We thank you for defending every child’s right to a childhood.

You can also host your own fundraiser to support us. We will help you to customize a personal fundraising webpage. Currently, we have Eva Luo's CYVAC fundraising group and Youth Initiative Vancouver's CYVAC fundraising group. The groups that achieve their fundraising goals and have the most proceeds will be issued certificates by CYVAC and UNICEF Canada.

Currently, we have founded the following groups:

Andrew and Eva's fundraising group, please visit:

Grace Wang's fundraising group, please visit:

YIV's fundraising group, please visit:

Jack Dang's fundraising group, please visit:

Mia Zhang's fundraising group, please visit:

Amelie Rösler's fundraising group, please visit:

Please join us and donate so we can reach and help children everywhere. Thank you!

2021 CYVAC



2021 加拿大青少年国际视觉艺术大赛-CYVAC,将支持联合国儿童基金会UNICEF进行筹款和获奖作品义卖。关于CYVAC的具体信息,请访问:







$278--可以为40名儿童提供 "帐篷学校 "教育项目



Andrew & Eva的筹款小组请访问:

Grace Wang 的筹款小组请访问:


Jack Dang的筹款小组请访问:

Mia Zhang的筹款小组请访问:

Amelie Rösler的筹款小组请访问:





2021 加拿大青少年国际视觉艺术大赛 

For every child.

UNICEF is a non-profit humanitarian organization focusing on saving children’s lives around the globe.

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